To book trekking tours, accommodation and private transport contact ...

Muhammad Badaruddin (Ahmad)

Ketambe Jungle Trekking & Tours
Jalan Belangkejeren - Km 32a
Kutacane 24652

Aceh Tenggara - Sumatra

Phone: +62 852 9688 3624

To book a trekking tour please send an email with your request including your name, your prefered starting date, the number of people including children under 14 years (if any) and the length of the jungle tour. If you don't know the type of the trekking tour (easy going, ambitious, etc.) you can talk to the guide first when you are here and decide after. You can also book accommodation for the Friendship Guesthouse with us. Private transport to/from Ketambe can be requested and booked as well.
We will send you an offer and propose an itinerary for consideration. After your agreement you will get a confirmation which you can print or safe on your mobile device to show on arrival.