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General information about trekking tours into the jungle near Ketambe

Giant tree
What do we offer?
We offer one day jungle walks and multiple day trekking tours with overnight camping in the jungle up to 6 days.
All tours start in Ketambe and can be individual tailored to your needs. It could be a relaxing tour with low level of difficulty to walk, spend more time to watch animals and have longer breaks at river and hot springs to bath. More demanding treks with higher level of difficulty and longer walking time per day go deeper into the jungle. All tours include animal watching. Detailed descriptions of different trekking tours are available below this page, click here
What is included?

For any trekking tour we provide an English speaking guide and if its necessary, one or two porters. The permit for the national park, all food and drinks during the tour, cooking facilities and camping gear are included in the tour package. For your personal use we provide a mat, a sleeping bag and leech socks. We offer to store your unneeded luggage during the trek for free.

Campsite C4
What about the costs?
The total price for a trekking tour depends from the area you want to go, the number of people going, the number of porters you will need, from the length of stay and from the kind and quantity of food and drinks you want to take with you. Usual prices are between 350,000 and 750,000 IDR per day per person.
One-day trips are cheaper than multiple day trips, because there is nothing to bring for the night. If only a single person wants to go its more expensive than for 2 or more people. 5 and 6 days tours cost more than 2 to 4 days trips, because you will need an additional porter to carry more stuff. The price also depends from the season. Children under the age of 14 get a discount. You can ask prices by email or phone.

Detailed description of different trekking tours

Young Female Orang Utan
1 Day - K-C1-K
You will start the one day tour from the village with one guide. First its a 30 minutes walk on the road until you turn into the jungle and walk on trails for 5 to 7 hours through the paths labyrinth east of the road. The guide will show and explain plants of the rain forest. The main attraction is to look for and spot orangutans, gibbons, monkeys and birds. There is a longer break for lunch beside the river at campsite C1. Over there its possible to take a bath or swim in the river. In the afternoon there will be again time to spot animals. On a 1 day tour the chance to see orang utans is lower than on a multiple day tour. This trek is suitable for everyone, even for kids from 5 years and elder people with lower physical condition. Level 1 - P1
Liana swinging
2 Days - Easy going - K-C1-K
For a 2 days trek it is necessary to take a guide and at least one porter with you. If only one person goes no porter is needed. During this "easy going" tour you will have a lot of time to observe animals, relax beside and bath inside the river. During both days the large labyrinth trail area between Ketambe and the campsite C1 will be covered during your walks. Sometimes paths will be left to see and follow the orang utans. Daily walking time is between 4 and 6 hours, depending from your demand. The night you will spend in a tent or under a provisional tent made out of plastic foil at the campsite C1. Not all of the way back will be the same path you came, so there is a better chance to see more animals. Level 1 - P2
Campsite C1 - River
2 Days - More demanding - K-C1-HS-K
During this more demanding 2 days tour you will walk longer and have less time to observe animals. At the campsite C1 you stop for lunch the first day. Later the day you will have to cross the river and continue walking to the hot springs where you spend the night at campsite HS. The guide or porter will go fishing and of they lucky there will be fish for the barbecue dinner. If you are interested you can join and see the special way of catching fishes.
At the hot spring area you can enjoy taking hot, warm and cold bathes, because the hot water is flowing into the river and mix up with the cold. It's also possible to sleep at campsite C1 and go to the hot springs the 2nd day in the morning, return to Ketambe in the afternoon. Level 1 - P2
Hot Springs
3 Days - Easy going - K-C1-HS-(C3)-K

The easy 3 days tour is one of the most requested tours in the past and it's still a tour to get a good impression about the rain forest and its inhabitants. This tour covers the area between Ketambe, the main orang utan area (trail labyrinth), campsite C1 and the hotsprings HS. There is time to continue behind the hot springs to the former waterfall (already collapsed), near campsite C3. There is enough time to look for and follow orang utans and observe other animals. After a lunch at C1 you will have time to relax and bath in the river. In the afternoon you will go again to trail labyrinth and behind to look for animals. Usually the first night you stay at campsite C1. The 2nd day you will have to cross the river, its an adventure.

Fish Barbecue On the other side the walk continues in the direction of the hotsprings. If the river has high water level you can not cross. In this case you will start to walk on a longer trail in the direction of C2, but go down to the hot springs. This path is more difficult than this on the other side of the river. The overnight stay for the 2nd night is planned near the hotsprings HS. During main season July/August the few places at this campsite can be blocked by groups arriving earlier. In this case you can camp at C3, if there is still the time to go there before darkness or at C1 again. The guide and porter will try to catch fish for a barbecue dinner. At the hotspring area you can enjoy taking hot, warm and cold bathes. The program for the 3rd day depends from where you slept the night before. The guide tries not to go back same paths you came. Level 1 - P2
3 Days -Ambitious - K-C2-C3-K or K-C1-C3-C5-K
This 3 days trek is more demanding than that one described above. It includes more walking time per day and less time to relax at the river and hot spring. The way between C1 and C2 is of higher difficulty than the other parts. There is time to observe orang utans. There are 2 possibilities. The first is via C1, C2 to HS or C3 (overnight C2 and HS or C3), the 2nd is via C1, HS, C3 to C5 (overnight HS and C5). Other activities, like swim in the river, bath beside the hot spring and watching animals are still included. If you sleep the last night in C5 you will have to return to Ketambe by walking most of the day. These treks are possible for the people with good condition, but not for children under 14 years. Level 1 , Level 2 - P2
Colorful Butterflies
4 Days - Mostly easy - K-C1-C2-(C3)-HS-K
This with "mostly easy" marked trek goes first through the trails labyrinth, where usually orang utans can be spotted. The camp for the first night will be at C1, where you can relax and bath at the river. The 2nd day goes on a trail up and down with some parts at rocky area more deep into the jungle to C2. This campsite is not at a large river. Water will be taken from a small stream. On the 3rd day you will continue first more up and later down to the hotsprings beside the river, where you will have few hours to relax. If you like, you can spend the night over there or continue to C3. On the last day you walk back via HS and C1 still having time to watch animals. During this 4 days you will cross rivers 3 or 4 times. Level 1, Level 2 - P2
Thomas Leaf Monkey
4 Days - Ambitious - K-(C1,HS)-C2-C5-C6-K
This 4 days trek starts - as other treks - with an easy walk through the trail labyrinth between Ketambe and the campsite C1 to observe orang utans and other animals. You can stay the first night at C1 or continue to C2. On the second day its a long and more difficult walk, cross the river twice and have a short stop at the hot springs. The 2nd night you spend at the far campsite C5. On the 3rd day you will pass the river again and continue steep paths, up and down to C6. Not many people go there so paths can be overgrown. Here you can find orang utans, Thomas Leaf monkeys, siamang, wild pigs, big squirrel and hornbills. This trek is only possible for people with good physical condition. Level 2 - P2
River Crossing
4 Days - Very Ambitious - K-C2-C4-C3-(HS)-K

This trek is only possible in the dry season, because during the rainy season the trails (specially between C2 and C4) are to dangerous to pass and the river at C4 can not be crossed safely. In the dry season you can request this trek if you are in a good physical condition. Some parts have a very steep ascent and you have to climb. Near to C4 there is a longer descend up to 70 degrees, so you can only slip down. A return the same way is not possible. At the area between C4 and C5 elephants are crossing, usually their foot prints can be seen. Over there many wild pigs living. On the way back you stop at the hot springs. A good chance to see orang utans is at the first and last day near C1 and C2. Level2, Level 3 - P2

Jungle walk
5 Days - Ambitious K-(C1)-HS-C6-C5-C3-C2-K

On a 5 days trek one guide and two porters have to go with you. There is more food and stuff to carry. Thats why price per day per person is higher than for treks with 2, 3 or 4 days length. There are different routes possible. The route suitable for you should be discussed and fixed together with the guide before you go. All routes include seeing orang utans and other animals as well as trekking at difficult terrain (at least Level 2). All campsites, except C7, could be included The campsite C4 can not be included during the rainy season. One possible route during the dry season is written above. Only people with good physical conditions should go on a 5 days trek which includes the campsite C4 (Level 3). - P3

Male Orang Utan
6 Days - Ketambe jungle - (Very) Ambitious

To go 6 days on a trek takes you deep into the jungle, with a chance to see animals, which you usually don't see on shorter treks. You won't be able to see Sumatran Tigers, but if you lucky the smaller Golden Cat and Slow Loris, Giant Squirrels, porcupines or different species of deer can be spotted. Orang utans and monkeys can be seen as well. If 2 or more people go one guide and two porters are obligatory. The route has to be discussed and agreed with the guide before the start. You can go as far as campsite C7. An ambitious 6 days trek would be K-C1-(HS)-C5-C7-C5-C6-K. In the dry season its possible to walk a more demanding route via C2 and C4. This trek is not suitable for younger children. Level 2, Level 3 - P3

Lake Marpunga
6 Days - Lake Marpunga - Ambitious

This trek is getting more and more requests. It goes to a jungle lake, which is called Marpunga (name of the closest village) or Tiga Sagi (three corners). One guide and two porters are obligatory. You can start this trek in Ketambe or you drive about 30 minutes north the main road and start near the village Marpunga. If you start in Ketambe the walking time per day is longer and it goes the complete way through the rain forrest. If you start in Marpunga village you will go through plantations the first half and the last half day. Independent from the route chosen you will stay the third night at the lake. Especially in the dry season many different kind of animals come to the lake to drink. Swimming in the lake is possible. Level 2 - P3

Mount Kemiri
6 Days - Mount Kemiri - Ambitious

Only available on special request.
This trek goes together with one guide and two porters to the peak of the Mount Kemiri, which is about 3300 m above sea level. The trek starts after one hour drive by public transport in the direction north of Ketambe. Its a strenuous ascent to the top. On the first day there is still dense jungle and the chance to see animals. In the higher region the vegetation change and it gets colder at night (down to 5 degrees centigrade). There you will find pitcher plants (nepenthes) and orchids. The view from the top over the national park is unforgettable, if the weather cooperates. Trekking boots and warm clothes are obligatory. Level 2 to 3 - P4

Booking of trekking tours including accommodation in Ketambe

Macaque Trekking tours - Booking procedure

To book a trekking tour, please send us an email with your request including your name, your prefered starting date, the number of people including children under 14 years (if any) and the length and type of the jungle tour. If you have any additional questions also contact us.
Click here to book or speak with us on phone:
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We also provide accommodation at one guesthouse in Ketambe which you can book with us as well. More information about this accommodation see:
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